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See some our newest works at our annual Open House:

Chief Joseph's

Our annual San Juan Island Artist's Studio Tour will include Spirit Bear Studio on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, 2015, 10:00am – 5:00pm.  In addition to the opportunity of meeting Sammy and Laura, there will be other guest artists exhibiting their wares.  Many of our gifts are created just for this occasion.

Sammy and Laura Long produce a wide range of art objects in their Spirit Bear Studio:

  • Bronze sculptures, bas-relief, portrait busts
  • Bas-relief carvings in maple and yellow cedar
  • Unique furniture made to order
    • Pedestal dining Tables
    • Japanese-style Benches
    • Gathering tables
  • Other wood furnishings, e.g., votive Candelabras, sushi plates, etc

Sammy and Laura Long work in their Spirit Bear Studio in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, overlooking Haro Strait in the beautiful San Juan Islands. Sammy is a sculptor, specializing in expressive portrait busts and full figure bronzes. He also recently started creating handsome votive candle holders made of exotic woods — perfect for gifts or decorating a festive holiday table.  Laura’s main interests are in bas-relief wood carvings, and designing furniture that also serve as objects of art. Her work shows influences of southwest and northwest Indians and the Orient. The most popular current pieces are the Kyoto bench, gathering (or party) tables and dining tables seating as many as ten. Sammy and Laura often team to design and create their furniture.

Sammy says “I always attempt to put an emotional tug into my art. I want it to be arresting, if only for a moment, and then I know it has done its job as art. Remember that true art is more than beauty—it can also make us uncomfortable. If art arrests you, if only for a moment, it is speaking to your unconscious."

All set for Spirit Bear Studio's annual Open House


Spirit Bears on their new base outside the studio

Sammy and Laura - with Haro Strait in the background


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